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Security Audits and Inspections

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The first step for any business or organisation in managing a hazard or risk is accurate identification of the hazard and risk levels. As an Independent Security Consultancy service, we do not sell you anything other than peace of mind. SERIMA1 will identify and manage this hazard effectively, comprehensively, and professionally by:

  • A consultation process to identify your needs
  • Utilising multi-point security checking procedures
  • Surveying the physical, operational and procedural elements of your business to ensure their integrity.
  • Ensuring Health and Safety Act compliance in risk identification.
  • Maintaining confidentiality.

Sectors managed
Our team of experts have both qualification and experience in the following areas.

  • Financial Institutions Security, Banking, Credit Unions, Building Societies.
  • Retail, Loss prevention and Fraud, Warehousing, Profit Protection.
  • Health Services, Hospitals, Clinics, A&E, Ward & Disease Control systems.
  • Freight Handling, Logistics, and Goods in transit, Marine and Aviation.
  • Event Security and Exhibitions, we accurately identify your needs, manage, evaluate and inspect the services you are paying for.

Security Audits and Inspections Ireland

Get secure - get the security professionals at SERIMA1 to inspect your premises and help protect you against the risk of risk of robbery, violent incidents and theft.

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