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House burglaries
Almost half of burglaries took place while residents were
In almost half (49%) of all burglaries someone was present in the home at the time of
the burglary, a slight decrease from 51% in 2006. In 5% of reported burglaries a
weapon was threatened or used, while inju
ries were incurred in 2% of all burglaries.
There was no financial cost to the household in 34% of burglaries, while more than a
fifth involved losses of €1,270 or more.
See tables 1.6-1.9.
The rate of households being burgled only once has increased from 85% in 2006
to 88% in 2010, indicating a slight decrease in repeat victimisation.
Of households that experienced burglaries, 25% did not report these occurrences
to the Gardaí. The rates of non-reporting decreased since 2006 when 30% of
households did not report the burglary. Of those who did not report a burglary,
36% believed that the incident was not serious enough or did not involve any loss.
Another 35% believed that the Gardaí could (16%) or would (19%) do nothing,
while 9% did not wish to involve the Gardaí, and 7% reported having solved the
incident themselves
cso figures

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